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Left RPH 3000 GPD
Center RPH 5000 GPD
Right RPH 10000 GPD

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Does your industry produce a product that needs water? Like Dyeing, Marble Cutting, Steel Manufacturing, Boiler, Glass Manufacturing, Car Washing, Pharmaceutical Industry, Leather Manufacturing, Ice Making, Cooling Tower, Oil & Gas Refinery, Pulp & Paper Mill, Power Plant, Food & Beverage, Mining Industry and Textile Industries etc.

Do you want access to water that can keep the quality of your products to a high standard? According to our industrial research, industries like this have a shortage of water. Because there are 3 ways to obtain water in industrial areas, which are Water board, Tanker, and Boring. There are 2 types of water in this, one is Brackish Water, which is delivered by water board, tanker, and found in boring in certain areas. 2nd is Sea Water, which is found by beaches and nearby areas.


Now, let’s talk about brackish water treatment plant. There are 3 different size plants in this category, and it can also be built according to your needs. But here, to understand them better, we will only talk about the 3 diffrerent sized plants. First there is RPH 3000 GPD (3 Thousand Gallons Per Day.  If you keep this plant running for an hour, it will produce 125 gallons of water, which would be 3000 gallons in 24 hour. It costs PKR 600,000 to install, uses 3kW of electricity every hour, and of course there are filters and chemicals that need to be changed once in a while. Even after  this running cost, we estimate that each gallon costs Rs. 0.30. And if we install this same capacity plant in Sea Water, it costs PKR 800,000 to install.

And just like RPH 3000 GPD, we have second plant RPH 5000 GPD. This plant produces 208 gallons of water per hour, which would be 5000 gallons in 24 hours. It costs PKR 750,000 to install, uses 4kW of electricity per hour. This plant produces each gallon for Rs. 0.24 meaning  plant cost difference is only PKR 150,000, produces twice as much water, and running cost is lower. And 5000 GPD Sea Water version costs 1,000,000 to install.

Lastly, let’s talk about 3rd plant. This is RPH 10,000 GPD, if you keep this plant running for an hour, it will produces 416 gallons of water, which would be 10,000 gallons in 24 hours. It costs PKR 950,000 to install, consumes 5.5kW of electricity per hour, and per gallon cost on this plant would be just Rs. 0.16. And sea water version costs 1,400,000 to install.

If you would like to install any of these plants, or would like to know more details call us at 03 185 185 185 you can also email us at or visit our office located on Office no A-11 3rd floor MCB Bank Building, near Ashfaq Memorial Hospital, Opposite Hakeem Saeed Play Ground, Block 13/C Gulshan-e-Iqbal, University road Karachi. Postal code 75300.