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Do you want to start a business, a business that needs small investment and rewards you with huge profits. Here, we are addressing to those individuals who have the money but can’t decide what business is profitable and won’t go wrong. You must have seen, that there are milk and beverage shops everywhere. Even though milk is used on special occasions and is consumed by 80% of the people, and beverages are not even necessary for human survival yet still, is consumed by 65% of the people. But the thing that is crucial for human survival is water which is needed by 100% of the people, but availability for clean water is only 20%. And 12% of it is sold by influential companies who produce not only beverages but also do water business. Which is out of reach of an ordinary man.

That’s why ROPlantHUB has taken a step to assist a common man start a business, and help every common and uncommon being. So, if you want to start this business, ROPlantHUB presents Ideal Water Station. To establish this station you need at least 10 by 15 feet shop, and if you have a bigger shop, then it’s even better for you. Now we will tell you, what you need to do to start this business, and what ROPlantHUB will do to assist you.

Now look at this sheet carefully, here we have 3 types of Ideal water station plants, first we have RPH Premiere, Second RPH Centro, and third we have RPH Grand. First lets talk about RPH Premiere, this plant produces 11,000 liters per day. Obviously, no man can keep the shop open 24 hours a day, so we’ll tell you about 12 hour income of the plant. If you keep this plant running for 12 hours, it will produce 5,700 liters of water, if we convert this into 19 liter bottles, we get 300 bottles. If you sell each bottle for Rs. 40 you will make Rs. 12,000 sale daily, while we produce 9,000 bottles in a month. Which means you make Rs. 360,000 sale per month!

Now, lets talk about the running cost, first we have electricity, then minerals, chemicals, and filters. If we talk about electricity cost, in RPH premiere motors and pumps go through 4kW per hour, which means it spends 48kW in 12 hours costing only Rs. 864 meaning it costs 25,920 worth of electricity a month. Now lets talk about minerals, chemicals, and filters cost, which expends between Rs. 11,000 to 13,000. With this, you total monthly cost is roughly 38,000. And with this your monthly sale is 360,000 and your monthly spending is 38,000, meaning your net profit is 322,000.

Now, lets talk about RPH Centro, this plant produces 21,000 liters per day. If you keep this plant running for 12 hours, it will produce 10,500 liters of water, if we convert this into 19 liter bottles, we get 550 bottles. Same as before if you sell each bottle for Rs. 40 you will make Rs. 22,000 a day. With this, your sale is 660,000 every month. If we talk about running cost, this plant goes through 5.5kW per hour, and if you keep it running for 12 hours it will spend 66kW, meaning Rs. 1188 a day. And if we talk about monthly electricity cost, it costs Rs. 35,640, and minerals, chemicals, and filters costs between 16,000 to 18,000 every month. This totals at Rs. 52,000 monthly, meaning your monthly sale is Rs. 660,000 and running cost Rs. 52,000. With this your monthly profit is Rs. 608,000.

And lastly, lets talk about RPH Grand. this plant produces 40,000 liters per day. If you keep this plant running for 12 hours, it will produce 20,000 liters of water, if we convert this into 19 liter bottles, we get 1050 bottles. And just like beofre, if you sell each bottle for Rs. 40 you will make Rs. 42,000 sale every day. And monthly sale is Rs. 1,260,000. and if we talk about it’s running cost, RPH Grand goes through 7kW per hour, which is 84kW in 12 hours, meaning Rs. 1,512 worth of electricity a day, and Rs. 45,360 a month. While minerals, chemicals, and filters cost Rs. 20,000 to 22,000 every month. With this your monthly running cost is roughly Rs. 66,000 and profit over a million.

Here we think its important you pay attention to what we have to say, So whichever plant you decide to buy, you don’t have to worry about the running cost, as it is nothing compared to your sales and profits. You don’t have to sell the 19 liter bottles for Rs. 40 each, you can sell it for less, or you can sell it for much more. many people supply them to houses and sell them for Rs. 70 to 150. Its up to you how much you want to sell or supply each bottle for.

Now, we should tell you, how much each liter of water and 19 liter bottle cost from specific plant. If you Install RPH Premiere, each liter from it costs Rs. 0.30 and 19 liter bottle costs Rs. 6. and if you decide to get RPH Centro installed, each liter from it costs Rs. 0.20 and 19 liter bottle costs Rs. 3.08. Lastly, if you choose to install RPH Grand, each liter from it costs Rs. 0.12 and 19 liter bottle costs Rs. 2.28.

Prices of plants are: RPH Premiere Rs. 600,000. RPH Centro Rs. 800,000. And RPH Grand Rs. 1,000,000.

Lets talk about additional cost, meaning what you need for plant which is absolutely needed. Fist we need boring (water drilling) done. Now, how deep the drilling should be, what you need for it, and their quality. ROPlantHUB will completely guide you, which may cost you between Rs. 60,000 to 80,000. Next, we need two storage tanks, which should be able to hold 2,000 liters each and one of which should be made of food grade material, which may cost you minimum Rs. 30,000. Next, we have filling table, in which you have 2 options, 1 marble shelf and 2 Stainless Steel. marble shelf one will cost you roughly Rs. 15,000 and Stainless Steel one will cost you roughly Rs. 40,000. Lastly we have brand registration, for which you will have to file an application then there will be examination, and then certification will happen. Which will cost you between Rs. 25,000 to 30,000. ROPlantHUB will guide you through all of this. With this your additional cost will be between Rs. 180,000 to 200,000.

If you find it hard to get all of this done, you don’t have to worry. Just contact ROPlantHUB. We will visit the place and will tell you how to get the boring done, how to acquire food grade material storage tanks, how the filling table should be, and brand registration ROPlantHUB will help you understand all of it. During this survey you will have to pay us 20% token money. And if you already have the boring done, then bring the water to ROPlantHUB office in 500ml bottle. We will do a free test for you, and build your plant accordingly. And during this building process, you will have to pay 50% of the amount in advance. The plant takes 10 to 15 days to build completely. Just like this your plant will be ready, and everything will be done from your side, so your plant will be delivered to you. Before the plant is delivered to you, you will have to pay the rest of amount.

Now, lets talk about what services ROPlantHUB gives to you.

ROPlantHUB gives you 1 year free service warranty.

ROPlantHUB inspect the plant every month for free.

ROPlantHUB gives you complete and proper training.

ROPlantHUB helps you get Agha Khan Lab. and PCSIR Lab. test certificate which you can hang in your shop for customer satisfaction.

ROPlantHUB helps your business by doing brand marketing.

For details call us at 03 185 185 185 you can also email us at or visit our office located on Office no A-11 3rd floor MCB Bank Building, near Ashfaq Memorial Hospital, Opposite Hakeem Saeed Play Ground, Block 13/C Gulshan-e-Iqbal, University road Karachi. Postal code 75300.

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