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Welcome to ROPlantHUB, Humara Azm Shafaf Pakistan

Do you have no choice but to buy tanker water? Do you know how tanker water is delivered to you, and what it does to your body? The places it is sourced from, did you ever think how many germs and pollutants are found there? You don’t see the result right away, but as time passes, You start to become a victim of various diseases. Like balding and many skin conditions. According to a research done by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) 80% of diseases spread through water in Pakistan. Because the rejected chemical water that flows out of the industrial areas, goes through watercourse into river water. And this is the same water that certain tanker mafias refill their tanker with and deliver to you.

If you want to be safe from these tanker mafias, we have the best solution for you. ROPlantHUB presents undeniably successful Water treatment plant, which delivers you pure water and saves you money. For example, when you fall ill and visit a doctor, the doctor diagnoses your illness and tells you to take medicine. But more than that, the doctor asks you to be more careful, and you do just that. Because you care about your loved ones more than you care about yourself. And if we talk about water, then only a water analyzer can give you advice on pure and safe water.

ROPlantHUB is bringing you RPH Homage, which you can easily install in your home. It automatically delivers water to you, if you keep this plant running for an hour, you will get 235 liters of water. This plant fulfills all of your home needs. Now, it’s up to you how much you want to run it according to your water needs. It costs only PKR 450,000 and ROPlantHUB gives you 1 Year free Service warranty with it. This plant uses 2 kW of electricity, meaning it costs Rs. 24 worth of electricity in an hour.

Just like RPH Homage, we have RPH Homage 2. This plant delivers you 470 liters of water in an hour, which is 2x of RPH Homage 1, but it does NOT cost 2z of RPH Homage 1. Only 150,00 difference which makes it 600,000. This plant uses 3 kW of electricity in an hour. Now, let’s talk about RPH Homage 3, this plant delivers you 790 liters of water in an hour. This plant consumes 4 kW of electricity in an hour and costs 800,000.

And if we talk about maintenance, all 3 plants use 2 types of filters, and antiscalant chemicals. Which don’t cost much, each filter costs Rs. 400 and chemicals cost Rs. 400 per liter. The total monthly cost of RPH Homage 1 is 1600, RPH Homage 2 is 1900, and RPH Homage 3 is 2200.

For details call us at 03 185 185 185 you can also email us at or visit our office located on Office no A-11 3rd floor MCB Bank Building, near Ashfaq Memorial Hospital, Opposite Hakeem Saeed Play Ground, Block 13/C Gulshan-e-Iqbal, University road Karachi. Postal code 75300.